The degree of automation is continuously growing in all fields of our environment. Everybody enjoys the comfort of intelligent light switching, automatic door opening or presence-based climatic controls. The next step certainly is to minimize the visibility of the technology itself. For this reason, Panasonic Industry has developed the new PaPIRs low profile type with a maximum height of only 10.9mm, which means a reduction of about 24% compared to the smallest existing type within the EKM series. Combined with a big detection area of 8.5×8.5m @ 3m installation height, a best-in-class thermal stability and three available lens colours, the new low profile type is the best motion sensor choice for e.g. smart luminaires, smart LED bulbs or nearly invisible IP cameras and IoT devices.

The new pyroelectric sensor extends the PaPIRs families EKMC (standby current consumption: 170µA) and EKMB that is providing an extremely low standby current consumption of minimum 1µA  for battery-free and battery-operated devices. For an optimal fit in all individual applications, EKM low profile type is available with digital open-drain output with a preset sensitivity or an analog operation amplifier output that allows an adjustable sensitivity.

Typical applications:

  • Slim luminaires
  • Smart LED bulbs
  • Thermostats
  • IP cameras
  • Advertisement panels, displays, and TV screens


  • Detection area of 8.5m x 8.5m at 3m
  • Lens diameter of only 9mm
  • Output: digital (open drain) and analog (op-amp)
  • Available lens colours: white, pearl white, and black |